Day 4 was our last day and commenced our journey back to the Midlands. Over the course of the 3 nights, we had enjoyed the Mountains, and the sea, and more importantly, my mother had gone a major step forward in building up her confidence since breaking her hip. It was a good vacation, the locals were very friendly, and it was an area of outstanding natural beauty. Below is a picture, of my mother waiting for the train back to Birmingham.

End of the holiday, much to ponder

The true purpose of the site was to practice the skills I have developed using CSS, and Responsive Web Design. Responsive Web Design works, in that the site is built upon a fixed grid,(I actually built the site on a fixed container) but made fluid using mathematical claculations, with flexible images, so everything is proportional to each other, as the site resizes. I used some fixed pixelation, for layout, and fonts, as the design didn't work that well completely fluid. To see how all this works, have a go at resizing your browser window (depending on the browser) on your desktop, and you'll see how the responsiveness adapts targets in this case tablets and then smartphones. Also using CSS3 media queries enables you to code specifically for those devices enableing the designer to alter the layout in their code, optimizing for the many different devices available to use for the ever growing web.