The journey began on the Tuesday morning, we set off by taxi to Leamington station, where we caught the train first to Birmingham, then direct to West Wales, making our way through the Shropshire hills, and then through Wales itself. The view out of the window became more spectacular,as we approached our destination. Arriving in Machynlleth, the sense of being in the mountains was palpable. The picture below is of arriving at the station, and my mother enjoying the new surroundings.

arrival in West Wales on Day 1

The picture below, is an example of how Machynlleth is surrounded by mountains and hills, you have the Cambrian Mountains, vertically aligned to the east, and Snowdonia National Park, from the north, which stretches all the way to North Wales. The mountains had a lush green coating, and in some cases were forested.

The town surrounded by mountains

View from the railway station, lush hills, covered with green forest. On the first day after our arrival at the bed and breakfast, I went for a walk along the Glyndyr Way, which cuts through the town, with mountains on all sides, I scrambled up a hillside, not disimilar to this, lush green, with thick forest at the top.

Forests upon the mountainside