This is a story of a three night vacation, in Machynlleth, West Wales, a location of outstanding natural beauty. Straddling Snowdonia National Park, and the Cambrian Mountains, and not far from the Cambrian Coast.

The trip was planned by me, to go with my Mother, who last year fell and broke her hip. It was a difficult time, and after the physical recovery, it became apparent, that there were also psychological obstacles to overcome. After building up confidence through various trips around Warwickshire and beyond. We set off to West Wales to enjoy, a part of the British Isles that not only has beautifal mountain peaks, but also miles of breathtaking coastline.

This website is a storyboard through images and content of the trip, going day by day, page by page. It has also been an opportunity for me to develop my use of CSS, and various techniques, namely Responsive Web Design, where I have built a fluid layout, with flexible images, designed in ratios using a mathematical calculation. Due to the nature of the design I opted some fixed pixelation in the layout, and fonts, however still making it responsive using media queries, have a go at resizing the site in your browser window, (depending on your browser) and you'll see how the site resizes with some extra code, targeteting tablets and smartphones, which is the purpose of Responsive Web Design and something developers have to consider when building their sites.

View of Snowdonia

Ant Power/Web Development 2011